Friday, February 08, 2008

Jesse Stuart Autograph

Jesse Stuart Autograph
Originally uploaded by Kurwin.

This is from a book called God's Oddling that belonged to Susan's grandmother before it belongs to us. Jesse Stuart wrote this book about his father. The book's full title is: God's Oddling: The Story of Mick Stuart, My Father.

I haven't read it, and have only read one of his books: Daughter of The Legend, about the Melungeons who lived in the mountains. It's an ill-fated love story between a Tennessee mountain Melungeon (Deutsia), and her valley-dwelling lover, Dave.

Riddled with cliche's; I didn't think it was a very good book. I've never really been able to enjoy Jesse Stuart, although I agree he's an important Kentucky and regional writer.

The Melungeons are an interesting lot though. Shrouded in mystery because they often had different appearances than their neighbors, they are generally thought to have come from Louisa County, Virginia, although other theories have Turkish ancestory, Native American and other groups. Go here, for more information, including a list of web sites.


Anonymous said...

It's cliches not cliche's

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