Saturday, October 01, 2011

WILT: Teaching and Scholarship

WILT (What I Learned Today)

McKinney (2004) writes about 3 related ideas: (1) Good Teaching, (2) Scholarly Teaching, (3) SOTL (Scholarship on Learning and Teaching)

Good Teaching:
promotes student learning, and other student learning outcomes

Scholarly Teaching:
teachers view teaching as a profession and see that knowing the literature based on teaching and learning is a second area to keep up (the first is their own area of interest)

Scholarly teachers use CATS (class room assessment techniques), reflect on their practice, try out new ideas, talk with their colleagues

it's the systematic study of teaching and learning, and involves the public sharing of the results of the systematic study. Public sharing means giving presentations, publishing articles or other performances. Public sharing allows other scholars to comment, reflect, apply and duplicate the study results.

It seems to me that these can be seen as a continuum. I'm definitely in the Scholarly Teaching camp, and am beginning plans to move into SOTL. How about you?